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Villain dressed as a mermaid

By: 狩心


Link to original novel: jjwxc

56/56 chapters (completed)

MTL rating: ⭕️

Translated: x

Tags: transmigration, race-conflict, mermaids, Mpreg

As the villain in the book. Lin Ying completed the plot and killed himself by shooting and awakening. He awakened to the future world and dressed as a mermaid for sale.
In order not to be sold, Lin Tong showed sharp fangs and scared the buyers away.
A new buyer appeared while Lin Ying was planning his escape.
The man not only did not walk away after seeing his fangs, but instead approached and said a word.
“If you bite, I will pull your teeth out!”
Lin Yan:? ? ? Don’t scare me!
Lin Ling returned home with the man, and continued to prepare his escape route. Later, watching the big fish pond, big lobster, and big crabs that the man gave him, Lin Ling stepped out and collected it.
Sit and wait for death, and some people hold the tall fishes in a hug, which will make the fish addictive.



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