The Eternal World – Chapter 17

17 "Finally, fi - na - ly Tomorrow!!" "Yes, yes, young lady. Please calm down and take a rest for tomorrow." "I can not be calm! Three years! I waited three years!" "Yes yes. That's right." "Cecile. Towards me you've become sloppier year after year." "It's your imagination, my lady." " --Well anyways. Apart from … Weiterlesen The Eternal World – Chapter 17


The Eternal World – Chapter 16

Translators note: As I've mentioned before i started working this week, so i won't be uploading 2 chapters anymore, i'm trying my best to keep at uploading 1 chappie a week though. ~^~ But now enjoy the chapter 🙂 For all of those who were curious about Mireille-chan ..   16 Feeling depressed about the … Weiterlesen The Eternal World – Chapter 16